Monday, June 8, 2009

This I Believe

Recently I was "pressured" into submitting a essay to the NPR program, "This I Believe". Wonder of wonders it was accepted and this pass week shared with the audience of the before named radio show. So I thought I would share it with those of you who are not NPR junkies.
"Beliefs are choices. No one has the rights over your personal beliefs. Your beliefs are in peril only when you don’t know what they are.
Understanding others beliefs comes from purposeful thought and enlightened discussions.
We live today in a world where most public dialogue is propelled by a dwindling number of multinational media corporations. By bypassing these overtly liberal gatekeepers we as a society can find common ground by communicating directly with one another.
Our beliefs rise from our common grass root heritage in a place where people listen to each other, one at a time.
I believe in listening. I hope that this one word could be a testament to me and my life. I listened to the beliefs of others.
Take a moment today and just consider the beliefs of others. These other beliefs may confirm your own or even challenge them. In listening there is also the possibility that your mind may be opened to something new and wonderful. When you are done listening, think about this… what do I believe?"

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  1. This is inspiring. How cool that you got some airtime on a nationally syndicated radio station!! You're practically famous. Remind me to get your autograph next time I see you!