Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our daily lives are proof of our inherent strength. As women we move through uncharted territory. We have the care of others whom we nurture emotionally and physically while exploring our own physical and spiritual dimensions. On the outside we are often strong for others, but inside feel weak and fearful as we attempt to set realistic limits that respect us as individuals. We must realize that as human being we have limitations. If we do not honor them they can overwhelm us until we become overextended, resentful and in some cases ill.
Sometimes the most courage’s thing we can do isjust to   say,                                                                      “I CAN’T DO IT ALL FOR EVERYONE”.
Even when all around us tell us different it is important to remember that we can be strong enough to say NO. That is when we come to know in our hearts that it is okay to honor ourselves by having limits.
It is a somewhat hard lesson to learn and put into action. It will be one of the most difficult things as women to learn. Have the courage to acknowledge your strength and set limits that will grow and develop until we no longer have limits but only possibilities.