Monday, June 1, 2009

Because I Believe

My thoughts today are many and varied. The words of a song say them more clearly.

"I hear the mighty thunder as it echoes through the sky

I watch the moon and stars shinning in the night

All of gods creations great and small

Testify that he is over all

His wondrous truth burns in my soul

And with all my heart I want him to know

I will walk the road less traveled

I will rise when others fall

And I will be a witness of his truth

I will answer when he calls me

With a life that is pure and clean

And I'll prepare to stand before him

Because I believe... I believe... I believe..."

I do believe.. I remember all the promises he has made to me. But most of all I remember all the promises I made to him. I will remain true to his as he has always remained true to me.

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  1. I found you!!! Yeah! Your cats are so cute. I want to meet them!