Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother: The Endless Gifts She Gives

She is the star that lights our way when we can't see what's ahead. She is the strong winds beneath your dreams, lifting us up and carrying us on. Her prayers strong and deep, untying our cares when the threads get tangled. She is our hope in tough situations and has a faith built on God's infinite power. She is a harvest of moments, memories, and good times. She is the sunshine amongst the clouds and the smiles that turn anguish to joy. She is silent when words aren't needed. She watch with you as your cares drift away. She is as vast as all your tomorrows. Her love is lasting, giving, the signpost to a happy life...a happy heart... everyday... all the days of your life...
Mother, the word is a blessing spoken aloud.
I love you Mother for all you have been, for all you are and all you will be in my life.

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  1. Did you write that about your mother? It is absolutely beautiful! She's lucky to have a daughter like you!!!