Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Accepting the Beauty of Our Imperfections . . . .

If I indulge in the “comparison crunch,” the victim is usually my self-esteem. There will always be someone smarter, thinner, more creative, prettier, or younger than me.

Like me, like you, like all of us we’re filled with holes like Swiss cheese, but our inadequacies are in different places.

I have adopted as my motto the disclaimer often found on clothing made of cotton or raw silk.

“This garment is made of 100 percent natural fibers.
Any irregularity or variation is not to be considered defective. 
 Imperfections enhance the beauty of the fabric.”

What a great way to look at ourselves! Imperfections only enhance our beauty. It is not that I don’t want change, grow, or do my best, but by celebrating that I’m made of “100 percent natural fibers,” I’m creating a climate of acceptance in which transformation can, and will take place.

I close my eyes and imagine myself as a unique and priceless tapestry created entirely from natural materials. I admire my tapestry exactly as it is now. That wise part of my subconscious has given me a rich symbol to explore.

In my gratitude journal I write down my feelings and thoughts about this beautiful tapestry that is me. I give thanks for its uniqueness, and appreciate it as it is.

I accept myself just as I am now.
I give thanks for myself and my many imperfections.
I give myself permission
to transform and beautify my personal tapestry.


  1. I love swiss cheese! Like my kitchen cabinets every time we get another "ding" or divet...it adds character! Let's keep the lunch thing going...that was fun for us!

  2. This was a WONDERFUL post. I have such a hard time with my own self esteem, I often put myself in check.. I always looked to my brother in a wheelchair and saw how happy he was no matter what. I love this post. Thanks for sharing.