Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some of my friends who are not practicing Mormons or not Mormon at all have asked me what I think of the latest episode of "Big Love".

It would seem that we live in a world (first amendment) that anything goes. What may be sacred to one may not be to another. And so this makes it open season on what is sacred or personal .

I have not seen this episode of Big Love. My friends who have, have diverse opinion's of the sacred ceremony depicted there.

One opinion that I have always held in highest regard is that of my dearest friend Jane.

She said she found it to be beautiful.

Others have just found one more thing to ridicule the LDS church about. The ceremony depicted in the show Big Love is held sacred.... I said sacred not secret to over 13 million practicing Mormons. It is they who have spoken and in their voices we here the pain of one who has seen the doors of their temples thrown open for the perseveres of hate to mock.

What I see is a writer for Big Love and the Oscar winner for the script of the movie Milk (same person) and others in Hollywood (Tom Hanks exes.producer BL) attempt to punish those who would exercises their right as American citizen to vote for Prop 8 in California.

Tom Hanks had no problem say that LDS people were Un-American or standing up for what they believe. But i think it is Un-American to try and silence any one voice. Even when that voice speaks for all that you might find wrong.

I do not feel it is my place to tell others what to say or feel about this attempt by others to force the leaders of this church to conform to outside beliefs.

The way one choose to worship God, or exercise their spirituality is their sacred right.

It is what sets us apart from those who chose to silence others by the use of force whether it be by the pen or the gun.

I am an American .... I hold myself to a higher standard of conduct. It is my duty to hold sacred that which is sacred to others whether I agree or is agree with it. It is also my privilege to stand up and say no if I disagree. In this country we are given the privilege to vote what we feel. It would seem to me that in the case of those people in California and else where who in this instance came out on the losing end of a vote they have chosen to be bad sports. To personally punish some for exercising that right we all hold sacred... to lift our voice and say yes or no... to vote our conscience.

There is aways another day in which we may once again raise our voices in agreement or disagreement. A day when we as Americans May raise our hand to the square to say yes or no.

It is never easy to rise from the dust of defeat. It is never easy to be the better person in the face of lose.

One way to do this is to remember who you are where you came from and where you are going.

When we choose to be our better-self we will always be the winner.

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